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The new GONTA MECCA is quietly continuing the "Soten Koro" name consulting!

The wall of MECCA has ended, and the actual store of Gallery Cuore has also closed,

At the new GONTA MECCA office, name consulting continues as usual.

Name consulting that began on October 27, 2019, "Soten no Hi". Add name to fan specifications & name file

We draw your favorite patterns and letters, and thanks to you, we are constantly delivering them to our fans.

The design above is the name of the fan who delivered the most recently. Thank you for allowing us to publish.

Please see the name before, after, after framing, and on the file cover. Kinta-sensei chooses your favorite name

Please finish it to your favorite specifications. Exactly, monopolize only one masterpiece in the world.

Storyboard brain of欣太teacher leaves born directly connected to the hand, Korezo of the king欣太name!

You can purchase 407 episodes other than "Part 1" and the final episode "Part 409".

Is there still "that ○○○"? Please feel free to contact us by email.

If you are a fan who wants to purchase, please add <name purchase / consulting reservation> to your cart at our online shop.

In the remarks column, enter "that ○○○" ... and the number of the "chapter" you wish to purchase.

The price of each name is ¥ 300,000 (excluding tax), and when making a consulting reservation, first ¥ 30,000 (excluding tax)

After consulting, you will be required to pay the balance of ¥ 270,000 (excluding tax) when you proceed.

By the way, the consultant ordered the name you want to purchase from Mr. Kinta's hand,

Based on one photo for every four pages of the name, we will send about five photo data as an e-mail attachment.

Consulting will be exchanged by e-mail, but we will respond politely, so please leave it to us.

We will ask you what page you want to add and what you want to draw on the cover of the file.

Select the two pages you like with the name you want, and Dr. Kinta will add the design, signature, and signature to the page to finish it.

Select your favorite 2 pages for the A4 size / 1 page type name, and select 1 spread for the A3 size spread 2 page type name.

There will be one frame to decorate the page and one black file to put the name other than the page you added.

On the cover of the black file, Dr. Kinta will draw your favorite things such as "dragon" and "characters" with handwritten gold.

The chapter "That ○○○" .. .., title, signature, and seal are included, and if you wish, you can also enter your name.

After deciding the details, we will deliver it to you in about one month.

We will squeeze the details while looking at the name. Please let us know your wishes!

Also, if you would like to purchase multiple "No. ○○○", please contact us at the time of consulting.

Also, when the manuscript of "Soten Koro" appears in the future, you can purchase the same chapter as the name "No. ○○○".

"Priority" is also attached. Please be assured that you do not have to buy it because it is a priority.

How about? Let's name consulting!

GONTA MECCA's information dissemination can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, and most of the designs we have dealt with so far.

Instagram. We hope that you will spread more and more to your acquaintances. Please spread it at home and abroad!

There is no actual store that you can come to due to the unexpected change in the format of Corona.

Gallery Cuore is open in the office.

If you would like to see the real thing and decide ... etc., please contact us.

For inquiries, please contact .

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