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"Gallery Cuore" is an overseas artist, especially

Various arts and crafts by American and European artists, pottery by Japanese ceramic artists and craftsmen, and

An art and craft gallery that permanently handles original drawings by Japanese manga artist Gonta Kingu. Handles functional and collective arts & crafts

This year marks the 31st anniversary.

Art that can be used in daily life, art that enriches life

When you collect them, they will be filled with heartwarming and unique products.

I did. You will find "nice" that you like, such as frame art such as original drawings and prints, ceramics, watches, fashion jewelry, bags, art miscellaneous goods, etc. We propose arts and crafts that can be used differently for your own collection as a gift for your loved ones.

"Cuore" is Italian for "heart". "Gallery Cuore" continues to send heartfelt art.

That is our theme- "ART FROM THE HEART" ...

GALLERY CUORE is an arts & crafts gallery located at the mid of Tokyo. It is 31 years since it was established.

We deal in art works by International artists especially by American and European artists and in handmade pottery and porcelain by Japanese artists and artisans. And we're the exclusive art dealer of the well-known Japanese Manga Artist- KING ★ GONTA.

Our unique art works are not only functional, but also add a warm and decorative touch to the daily life. "CUORE" means "heart" in italian. The theme of our line is "ART FROM THE HEART", as we believe that art works are designed with passion and given as an expression of feelings.

王欣太『蒼天航路 曹操全軍図』
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