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GONTA MECCA @ g.cuore is born!

Gonta Kingu KING ★ GONTA Three months from April 19, 2017, when the print (reproduction original) of "Soten Koro Cao Zengunzu" was released.

Gonta Kingu's Mecca appeared on July 14th at Gallery Cuore in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The wall of Gonta Kingu, where original paintings are sold and exhibitions of not-for-sale works are permanently installed, is called "GONTA MECCA".

What is the relationship between Gonta Kingu and Gallery Cuore? Some people may think that ...

Gonta Kingu and Gallery Quore's owner F met long time ago :) at a trading company as a new employee.

It goes back when I joined the company. After that, Gonta Kingu, who made his debut as a manga artist, launched Gallery Cuore.

F noticed Gonta Kingu's extraordinary talent early on and continued to send ale . In another angle with the manga serialization

The first art debut was "Gonta Kingu Exhibition" GONTA XOS "", the first and last solo exhibition of Gonta Kingu 15 years ago.

And the second is the production of "Soten Koro Cao Cao Zengunzu" released on April 19, this year, which is still fresh in my memory.

And the third is the birth of "GONTA MECCA" which started on July 14th.

Japanese manga culture recognized at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Now in the Japanese manga industry, by hand, in the analog

The last manga artist to draw is Gonta Kingu. Cheers for that extraordinary talent! Let's follow KING ★ GONTA!

At "GONTA MECCA", Gonta Kingu's original drawings will be sold and works not for sale will be exhibited. Of that famous scene

Here is the Mecca where you can buy the original drawings! We will also handle works at this online shop, so

To purchase, go to this page .

Please see the "GONTA MECCA" page for other works not for sale.

For inquiries, please contact .

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