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GONTA MECCA 2nd year project, all 12 designs completed!

October 27th is the day of the blue sky. It is the anniversary of the start of the serialization of "Soten Koro", which was serialized from October 1994 to November 2005!

Starting with that anniversary in 2018, the original picture on the cover of all 12 volumes of "Soten Koro", which was first published in May 2009

To release a high-quality giclee edition picture and go GONTA MECCA 2 year of planning. Starting in October, 2 patterns will be released every month,

Each edition 10, with matte frame and work certificate, price is 60,000 yen + tax.

Includes title, signature, signature, and edition handwritten by Dr. Kinta. All 12 designs have been completed !

Also, I made a special set like this!

With a paulownia box with a handwritten character by Mr. Kinta, all 12 patterns are delivered in a unified edition number 1/10. Because one frame is attached

Please exchange your favorite patterns and decorate. Of course, it comes with a certificate of all works. And the price is 600,000 yen + tax ... special.

In March of the 6th release, all 12 patterns were prepared. Each giclée print is set on the mat,

You can store it in a paulownia box wrapped in linen cloth, so you don't have to worry about the storage condition of your work.

The original cover of the extra-thick book "Soten Koro" was drawn at the same time after the serialization was finished, and it is used for how to draw each military commander including Cao Cao.

There is a sense of unity, and the colors are full of dynamism in the image of each military commander. Choose your favorite pattern from all 12 patterns

There is no doubt that if you purchase multiple pieces and decorate them together, it will be a very well-balanced art!

Now on sale, there are only a few left . Please consider the special 12 pattern set in a paulownia box!

If you are purchasing from an online shop, please click the arrow above this text to proceed.

On the wall of MECCA, the original drawings by Dr. Kinta are on permanent display and sale . Please come and experience the full wave motion.

We look forward to welcoming you to both the MECCA wall and the online shop.

For inquiries, please contact .

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