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KING ★ GONTA The power of pictures goes beyond the language barrier!

Since the birth of GONTA MECCA on July 14, 2017, not to mention the hot Japanese fans,

Foreign tourists who came from overseas have also purchased the paintings.

Gallery Cuore with MECCA walls is convenient for Shinkansen and airplane use

Located right next to the Takanawa exit of Shinagawa station, it is a location with many foreign customers. Until now

Purchased by customers from South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, USA, China, UK, etc ...

The design you see is a selection of foreign customers. "Soten Koro" fans purchased from South Korea

Only customers. Others were attracted to the power of the painting and made the purchase. Female customers from the United States

The one you purchased was a rough drawing of the majestic "Dong Zhuo", which makes you think it's like a Wonder Woman from an American comic.

He was such a strong and beautiful person. I remember that this kind of person chose "Dong Zhuo" ... I was strangely convinced (laughs).

With the Rugby World Cup this fall, the Olympic Games next year ... and more and more tourists from abroad,

Which country will be more fascinated by KING ★ GONTA's paintings next ... I'm really looking forward to it.

GONTA MECCA's information dissemination can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, and most of the designs we have dealt with so far.

Instagram. We hope that you will spread more and more to your acquaintances. Foreign acquaintances are welcome! is.

On the wall of MECCA, the original drawings by Dr. Kinta are on permanent display and sale . Please come to the store to charge positive power.

We look forward to welcoming you to both the MECCA wall and the online shop.

For inquiries, please contact .

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